6.60 pro b9 permanent games

6.60 pro b9 permanent games

Thu Oct 20, pm. ok so pro cfw have one more folder named CIPL flasher put this in the Game folder and run it. Top This will make your PRO-B9 a permanent custom firmware. An alternative permanent. All pro cfw are permanent on the psp including you just need run the CIPL Flasher after installing it. People just suggest the pro. PRO-B9 and every other pro are temporary hacks (although has a permanent patch, if you want it). When ever you cold boot (boot. PRX Add to /x added function save game compatible with the future Add PRO-B9, support for firmware (in theory. Pro CFW B9 for //6/35/ can be downloaded here, or on the project's page.. wololo I think CIPL Flasher is for a permanent Hen, this only works on Just don't use it .. Re: Any game like Battlefront 2?.[BINGSNIPPET-3-15

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(VERY EASY) Install Custom Firmware 6.60 PRO B10 PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 + DL, time: 4:54
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